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Wooden eco clock with stabilized moss.Handmade.Diameter 40 cm.Ash base coated with matte rubber paint.Increased resistance to weathering, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes.The dial is lined ..

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Wooden eco clock with stabilized moss.


Diameter 40 cm.

Ash base coated with matte rubber paint.

Increased resistance to weathering, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes.

The dial is lined with Norwegian moss.

It is a natural and natural moss that grows and gathers in ecologically clean forests.

To use it in the interior, the moss is stabilized.

 This is a process by which the natural moisture in the structure of a plant is replaced with a special ecological composition that preserves it, but at the same time, the moss remains alive and feeds on moisture from the air.

Moss is colored with food coloring, which allows giving the moss a wide range of colors.

Stable moss does not require special care.

* Humidity should be at least 40%. Moss needs moisture, otherwise, it loses its attractive appearance, becomes dull, lethargic and tough. You can restore the natural look with a household humidifier or a container of water, which should be close to the plants.

* Products made of moss should be placed away from the air conditioner and heat sink, as they dry the air.

* Protect moss from direct sunlight, which adversely affects the color brightness and softness of the moss.

* Avoid mechanical or tactile contact with plants.

* Prevent water from entering the surface of plants.

* Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust (it practically does not settle). Use a cold blow dryer to clean the moss.

With proper handling of moss, it will retain its natural beauty and softness for up to 10 years.

* Battery - AAA battery

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