Mobile phone stand with moss 16 x 8 x 15 cm whiteB

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White organizer for the phone.Wood coated with matte rubber paint.Increased resistance to weathering, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes.Eco-friendly, handmade.An irreplaceable thing on the d..

Tags: desk stand, wooden stand, phone stand, stabilized moss, moss reindeer moss, phone organizer, carpentry, wood decor, office decor, desktop decor

White organizer for the phone.
Wood coated with matte rubber paint.
Increased resistance to weathering, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes.

Eco-friendly, handmade.
An irreplaceable thing on the desktop, you no longer have to look for your gadget under a bunch of papers.
* When ordering from 10 pieces, a 10% discount

Stable moss does not require special care.
The moss is stabilized, that is, its natural moisture was replaced by a glycerin solution.
The life of moss is from 8 to 10 years. Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust (it practically does not settle). If after some time there is not a large amount of dust collected, you need to blow a blow dryer with cold air. Do not store in direct sunlight and near heaters. It does not need watering, irrigation, and fertilizer. Moss is also considered an indicator of indoor humidity. If the% humidity is less than 40, then the moss begins to harden. But this can be corrected with a humidifier or a container of water and frequent ventilation so that people would be comfortable breathing.

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