Eco picture with stabilized moss square 60 cm white

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The eco-friendly picture with stabilized moss is natural and stylish.Without special care and special lighting.Add bright colors to your interior.Quick installation, individual sizes. Moss color to ch..

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The eco-friendly picture with stabilized moss is natural and stylish.
Without special care and special lighting.
Add bright colors to your interior.
Quick installation, individual sizes. Moss color to choose from.
Thanks to landscaping with the help of moss, not only your home, office, cafe or restaurant will blossom, but also guests/employees.
Phytowalls have special magic, creating a unique natural atmosphere.
MDF frame, size 60 * 60 cm. Color of moss - light green.

Stable moss does not require special care.
* Humidity should be at least 40%. Moss needs moisture, otherwise, it loses its attractive appearance, becomes dull, lethargic and tough. You can restore the natural look with a household humidifier or a container of water, which should be close to the plants.
* Products made of moss should be placed away from the air conditioner and heat sink, as they dry the air.
* Protect moss from direct sunlight, which adversely affects the color brightness and softness of the moss.
* Avoid mechanical or tactile contact with plants.
* Prevent water from entering the surface of plants.
* Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust (it practically does not settle). Use a cold blow dryer to clean the moss.

With proper handling of moss, it will retain its natural beauty and softness for up to 10 years.

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